We need rational debate on energy supply in South Australia.

Energy supply has failed in South Australia for the second time again sparking an irrational debate in Canberra future of Australia’s clean energy. Last time, the fact that pylons blew down was a result of Labor’s renewable energy targets.


The debate reached its nadir with Treasurer Scott Morrison waving a piece of coal around in the House of Representatives as if this was somehow contributing to a debate about  how delivering electricity to the grid could be improved. The man is clearly an idiot. He is a very poor Treasurer and he clearly has absolute no grasp of energy infrastructure issues.


Two of Parliament’s better-known clowns make a contribution to clean energy policy.

BLACKOUTS could soon become more common in areas other than South Australia, with a warning being issued to NSW residents as well. The Australian Energy Market Operator has already issued a notice warning of tightening supply/demand in NSW over the coming days, and this could see load shedding happen there as well, with temperatures expected to rise to 40 degrees over the next few days.



Load shedding, which causes rolling blackouts, has been blamed for South Australia’s latest power outage and SA Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis said today the problem would probably not be limited to South Australia.

The government is currently arguing that the reason for the current failure is that federal opposition is seeking unreasonable targets for the future. This is arrant and obvious stupidity. Future policy cannot influence current outcomes.

Scott Morrison believes that because coal has delivered electricity for the last hundred years, it will be able to do so for the future.

However, The problem is not the nature of the generation of electricity around the infrastructure that delivers it.

So far reports into why the blackouts happened suggest there could be a problem with how the system is adapting to the way renewables function, compared to fossil fuel sources.

third report into the causes of the statewide blackout found a protection feature built-in to some wind farms, which the Australian Energy Market Operator was not aware of, caused some of them to reduce their output after a certain number of voltage dips.

This behaviour was unexpected and therefore not planned for in the way the system functioned.

Experts, rising politicians, know that the future of Australia’s electricity generation rests with renewables and not with “clean coal” which doesn’t exist although Malcolm Turnbull would like to kid us that it does.

What Australia needs is a rational debate about the way that the that the electricity infrastructure and the and electricity markets can be structured in a way to deliver reliable supply to Australians. What it does not need is a group of politicians defending the coal industry.

It certainly does not need increased investment in coal generated power.



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