The E-News: Me name is Daz and I’m standing for Won Nation with Jackie and Pauleen.

Reckon it will be in Queensland coz thats where I live. I haven’t met Pauline yet but I bin in a photo with her. That’s me at a Reclaim demo with her.


Reason I’m standing is that bloke from Victoria, Ricky Muir, got elected and didn’t even know, so must it be easy. That and 180,000 big ones a year. Streuth.

It’s a pity The Brick got tossed out. Him and that other fat bloke from Queensland. The one that owned all the dinosaurs. Both good for a laugh.

Anyhow, I reckon Pauline is gunna be Prime Minister, couldn’t be worse than that bugger we got now, what a wanker.

So here’s my policies.

No more Islam emigrations.

No more wearing the halal in public.

Single mothers to wear a sexometer to make sure they don’t have sex. If they don’t, they loose they’re pension.

More coal mines in Queensland.

No gay marriage.

If you don’t like Australia, go back where you came from.

Make Australia safe, teach school children how to shoot.

Reintroduce singing the National Anthem into schools.

Keep Australia day on February 26th

Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie.

Vote 1: Daz.



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