Malcolm Turnbull appears to be losing control of the political agenda

There are number of signs that Turnbull appears to be losing control of the political agenda. The first is his party’s continued decline in the polls since the last federal election.


On a two-party preferred basis, the ALP has six point lead over the Coalition. This will certainly give them a majority in the lower house, but probably not in the upper house. Such a massive defeat will see Turnbull’s lose the leadership, if he has not lost it before the next Federal election.

The second sign that he is losing control is the antics of Treasurer Scott Morrison in Parliament recently indicating that the Coalition has thrown support behind coal as the preferred source of power generation in Australia. This runs in the face of accepted evidence on climate change and worldwide policy decisions on clean energy generation.


His attacks on renewable energy policies have indicated considerable dishonesty in terms of his knowledge of the cost of maintaining coal as the preferred energy source and on the operation of the energy infrastructure grid in Australia.

The third sign is the recent statements from Scott Morrison that if the massive $50b tax cuts for business are not passed then income tax will have to be increased.  Surely someone will tell the Prime Minister this is political suicide.

How can he expect to tell the Australian public that large multinational companies, some of whom pay pay no tax, should pay less and that average Australian should pay more?

Since he came to power, Turnbull has been increasingly pandering to the right wing of the Coalition. He appears to be frightened of losing votes to lunatic right, particularly to One Nation. The polls would indicate that, as a strategy, this is not working. Yet he persists in doing it.

Someone should tell him that he will probably get One Nation preferences without trying too hard. They’re not going to give their votes to the Labor Party or to the Greens.

The people he needs to be going after the right-leaning people who vote for the Labor Party who will vote for him if he supports the policies of the centre: marriage equality, clean energy, the Republic, we all know the list, the pity is that Malcolm seems to have forgotten it.


Malcolm Turnbull has dug himself into the same hole that did for Tony Abbott

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