“What’s the point of a Coalition government?” asks Tony Abbott

Now, to be fair I’m quoting out of context. What he actually said was,”What’s the point of a Coalition government if we fail to encourage risk-takers and innovators, but penalise them with heavier taxes?”


But he has missed the point. The risk-takers and innovators that Abbott is talking about are people who speculate in real estate, taking advantage of negative gearing and speculative capital gains. Not people who invest in businesses that grow the economy and provide jobs. It is a very limited view of the world.

It’s also Tony up to his old tricks to having a potshot at Malcolm every time he can. Everybody knows that Turnbull is not up to the job. But everybody knows that Abbott wasn’t up to it either.

Housing affordability is becoming a festering sore for the Coalition government. Turnbull’s problem is that he has ruled out the two most obvious ways of solving it: reducing capital gains and reducing negative gearing.


Doing either or both would involve a massive backflip. But this particular choice encapsulates his problem.

If Malcolm Turnbull wants to address the pressing social and economic problems facing Australians, he can either increase taxation which is tantamount to political suicide or he can reduce tax concessions to the wealthy. This has the potential to increase his vote in the middle of the political spectrum particularly to amongst the younger voters.

But he seems obsessed with pursuing older white voters in rural areas Queensland. Heavens knows why.

Malcolm Turnbull ( Why is it I asked myself, that my spellchecker still keeps calling him Malcolm Terminal? Is it a sign?) seems to have developed a remarkable talent for choosing the least popular political options. The only question is how long the Parliamentary Liberal party will continue to allow him to do it and who they will choose to replace him.

There must be some fearful tussles going on inside the party. Dutton and Morrison must imagine themselves as chances! And moderates such as Hunt must be garnering support. And Tony Abbott and his mates were surely see him are still having a chance.

And all this leaves us with Bill who was becoming rapidly popular by default.


Obviously much to his, and everybody else’s, surprise.

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