Tony “No Sniping” Abbott’s five point froth and bubble plan to win the election

Malcolm Turnbull must be a man of infinite patience.


He puts up with a lot of shit from Tony Abbott. And Abbott seems to think that running around going off like a packet of crackers is helping his cause and the cause of the Coalition.

His latest effort reported in The Age Tony Abbott has laid out a five-point plan for the Coalition to have a chance at the “winnable” next election contains some real gems.

One of them is cutting back on migration to reduce the price of houses.

Now he probably thinks this a great vote winner. Because it mentions two things in one sentence. Migration and housing affordability.

The problem is that the two are not necessarily linked in any way. Housing affordability is a very complex question and won’t be addressed by simply stopping migration.

Anyone who thinks about the problem realises this and the possibility is that most young people who are struggling to buy a house are not going to be sucked in by the simplistic argument.

He also wants to abolish Human Rights Commission and “stop official bullying”and stop all federal spending “to end ripping off our grandkids”.

If Abbott is not careful he will be seen as a slightly unhinged populist, saying anything to gain attention.

Abbott has a few problems being on the back bench. Apart from the damage that has been done to his overinflated ego, no one really wants to talk to him any more.


And he doesn’t have the resources he had as Prime Minister when he had a lot of people to stop him saying and doing stupid things. People like Peta Credlin. Boy, he must miss Peta.


One of the gems from his speech in Sydney to launch his new book was “”our politics can’t be just a contest of toxic egos or someone’€s vanity project”.

How deluded can this man be?

Update: An uncivil war has broken out in the federal parliamentary Liberal Party, within the government of Australia



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