Labor Government rorting reflects badly on everybody from the Premier down

Victoria’s speaker and deputy speaker have sensationally quit on the eve of a forensic audit into whether they abused their parliamentary entitlements, plunging the Andrews Government into a fresh crisis.

Speaker Telmo Languiller, had claimed almost $40,000 on a “second residence” allowance to live in Queenscliff while representing a western suburbs electorate, Labor’s deputy speaker Don Nardella – who had claimed more than $100,000 using the same taxpayer-funded allowance.


Dan Andrews is outraged, angry, upset, disappointed, letdown, you name it.

Everything except responsible. These are two of the most senior members of his government involved in the most egregious rorting.

And he didn’t know anything about it.

Or he did know about it and chose not to do anything.

Now he is getting very indignant.

It is not a good look during a week in which the most lowly paid workers are getting their overtime rates slashed and we find that our democratically elected representatives are claiming allowances on top of their $280,000 salaries that are probably in excess of the total take-home pay of the people who serve them coffee when they sojournAll
to the salubrious environs of Queenscliff.


Not only are they claiming close to $40,000 a year because what appears to be their second homes  (read holiday houses) are long way from their workplace (Parliament), they are also entitled to taxpayer-funded, chauffeur-driven limousines to get them to and from work from wherever they may lay their weary heads overnight.


This is a shot of Don Nardella having a kip before being driven home.


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