Why George Christiansen is thinking of resigning.

George Christensen is threatening to resign again.

George Christensen says the only way for the Coalition to stem the flow of voters to the Pauline Hanson-led party federally was to “shake it up ourselves” and “start delving into the too-hard basket That meant acting on job creation, building economy-boosting infrastructure and standing up for “national values”, he said

Forget all that bullshit

George will be looking after No 1.

Mr Christensen’s electorate covers an area which is becoming known as One Nation heartland – central and northern Queensland. The party remains on track to take more state seats in the upcoming election than the 11 it won at the height of its popularity in the late 1990s.  And it’s getting stronger.


So George is doing what is commonly known as “sucking up.”

What George suspects (and Pauline Hanson almost certainly knows) is that he has a better chance of retaining his seat as a One Nation candidate than he has as a member of the Nationals. When he is certain, he will jump ship.

You can expect his resignation letter to land with a big fat thump on Barnaby Joyce’s desk.


Barnaby Joyce waiting for George Christiansen’s resignation

There will be a whole lot of righteous indignation about the Coalition’s lack of direction, saving the country, Malcolm’s lack of leadership etc. Smokescreens and mirrors.

The truth of the matter will that George will have read the chicken’s entrails and they will say he has a better chance as a  One Nation candidate.

He will spend a period of mourning on the cross bench before succumbing to Pauline’s charms. But succumb he will and before the next Federal election

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