It’s ironic but Abbott is giving Turnbull a glib excuse for his failures as PM

This is an abstract from an article in today’s Age.

Malcolm Turnbull was under no illusions as he made a campaign-style visit to a Canberra business on Monday morning following a terrible Newspoll. (Labor5 5% – Coalition 45%)


Turnbull’s attack proceeded forcefully, hitting all its marks: high costs, galloping blackouts; the harm to business; jobs; households.

First question? “How much worse do the polls have to get before you’re replaced as leader?”

Ordinary folk would call that rude. But remember, it was Turnbull who nominated this very metric of governmental success when challenging Tony Abbott in 2015.

Cutting pensions and family payments while proposing big, unfunded tax cuts for corporates is a task beyond even a unified government. Throw in Turnbull’s transformation to attack dog against renewable energy, and the penalty rates cuts which the government backs, and it’s not hard to see where the problems really are.

A harsher truth is that Turnbull survived the 2016 election through a combination of luck and Abbott’s fat 2013 margin.

Tony Abbott would be better off being quiet and that Malcolm Turnbull face the music.

Go for a swim, have a cold shower, a Bex. a lie down, just keep quiet.


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