When democracy fails its citizens: The case of Don Nardella Victoria’s ex-Deputy Speaker

Don Nardella Victoria’s ex-Deputy Speaker and the member for Melton, has effectively been booted out of the Labor Party. When faced with the choice of paying back money he had incorrectly claimed for a second residence or leaving the Labor Party, he chose to leave the Labour Party.

He now serves on the cross bench as an independent in the Victorian Parliament.

He has refused to repay the $100,000 that he has claimed for a second residence in Ocean Grove. Some reports have it that this second residence is actually a caravan. The Speaker of the House, Telmo Languiller, has also resigned from the same reason.

Nardella’s argument is that, in a technical sense, is entitled to this money. He will probably win this argument. He will fail the pub test which is why Daniel Andrews was thrown him out of the Labor party.

The problem is that Daniel Andrews has lost two of his most senior parliamentarians both for the same reason. He is very distressed that they were both rorting the system. The voters may be distressed that Daniel Andrews didn’t know. The buck has to stop somewhere.

In the case of the member for Melton, he now serves as an independent member for the rest of his parliamentary term. The people who voted for him, who thought they were voting for a Labor member are now effectively disenfranchised.

It does not appear to be anyway that we can expel these rat bags (such as Nardella and Geoff Shaw) from the Parliament. They are entitled to enjoy their parliamentary salary even after the most egregious rorting of the public purse. They retire the next election knowing full well that will not be re-elected but in the case of Don Nardella who has had a long and completely undistinguished career, retire on a very fat and probably completely undeserved Parliamentary pension.

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