Flow of preferences in WA needs careful scrutiny

Pauline Hanson has claimed that she is very happy with the support she has received in WA. Early indications would be that she has received between 9% and 12% in the electorates where One Nation stood candidates.


So the question will be whether this support for One Nation made any difference in these seats. Did the flow of preferences from One Nation to the Liberal party actually help the Liberals to hold on to their seats.  Or was it simply the reactionary right that is always been hiding the Liberal party finding a more congenial home.

If this is the case, it simply means that the right wing Liberal party voters are giving first preferences to One Nation and second references to the Liberals so preference deals amounted to nothing.

What will have happened, is that the centre of the Liberal party support will have switched their votes to the Labor Party, in disgust over the One Nation deal.

The number of people have commented that Malcolm Turnbull needs to recapture the centre rather than try pursuing the far right in courting Pauline Hanson.

My view exactly,  expressed on December 22, 2016

Politics and statistics: why dragging your party to the far left or right is a bad idea.

Don’t think he was listening then, don’t think he’s listening now.


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