Making the 5:2 Diet work

Some background

I was a 70 year old, 146kg arthritic kneed, grandfather who realised he would not be able to keep up with his grandson unless he 1) had two knee replacements and 2) lost a lot of weight. I also realised that at146 kg, my titanium knees would probably not last for long.

Like most people who weighed 146 kg, I was eating and drinking far to much. I won’t bore you with the details. If you are reading this, you can join the dots from personal experience.

I decided on the 5:2 Diet because it looked serious. Well, the two fasting days did.

The diet says that you fast for two days a week, and you can  “eat normally” for the other five.  On your fasting days, you are allowed  a limited number of calories (500).

This is how I have gone since keeping records nearly 6 months a ago. I have lost about 23kg.

You can see from the graph that the loss has been more or less steady with a couple of very spectacular fails. The first of which was a holiday and expected, the second was inexplicable.

Some observations

Diets can be highly individual and what has worked for me may not work for other people, so take my advice with a grain of salt or a diet biscuit.

 Observation 1: What you can eat

If you are considering the 5:2 Diet, then you are probably not “eating normally”.  You can’t continue with your normal eating habits on the five non-fasting days.

You’re probably need to be on some form of diet on those five days. That is what I did.

I have pretty much cut alcohol from my diet and there is no fast food or snacks and eating out became a much rarer treat.

 Observation 2:  the Diet

My Eating Days

Breakfast: 250gms of frozen spinach, 3 medium tomatoes, two eggs.

Lunch: Some protein ( left overs from last night’s dinner) or steamed veggies or saladas and humus.

Dinner: Low fat meat or fish, big salad (broccoli, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, grated carrot, grated cucumber, spinach, lettuce, grain salad, nuts) sweet corn.

My Fasting Day

Nothing but plenty of fluids.

 Observation 3:  Progress

As you can see from the graph, there is steady, if uneven, downward progress. I weigh myself at the same time every morning. After a fasting day, I normally lose somewhere between 1kg and 1.8 kg. On the non-fasting days, it is normal to put on some weight which can be a bit disconcerting. Exercise makes Will tfference

Observation 3: Exercise

Exercise will make a huge difference to your weight loss. If I exercise once or even twice on a fasting day, my weight loss will be close to 2 kg and I will lose weight if I exercise on non-fasting days, not much but a little bit.

It’s difficult to maintain this because exercising every day is difficult with two full days grandson minding and Melbourne’s 30+ temperatures. But I aim for between 1-2 hours walking, bike riding or wading in the local pool on most days.

And this brings me to my final observation about the 5:2 Diet.

It’s hard work and you have to stick at it over a long period of time.

My goal is to lose somewhere between 50 and 60 kg and I recognise that this is going to take close to a year on this diet and that this regime, or something close to it, is likely to be a pretty much permanent fixture.

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