Review of Peppa Pig’s Australian Holiday by Winton Haslett

Nana and Papa took me to see Peppa Pig’s Australian Holiday at the cinema.


On the way, you you we passed a motorbike in the food court. You put money in it. I wanted to ride on it but Nana wouldn’t let me because we were late. She said I could ride on it after the film.

At the pictures, we sat in big seats like Papa’s big seat at home with buttons that make your feet go up. There were two other kids there, but they didn’t want to play.

When the lights went out, there was a film about these blue people, they didn’t look like Peppa Pig. Nana said they were Smurfs. I don’t like Smurfs.

There were lots of other films and then there was Peppa Pig’s Australian Holiday. It had these funny kids dressed up like Peppa and this funny lady. Then there was this film with Peppa and George. George didn’t cry very much and there was a boomerang and people into the beach in an aeroplane.


I got to snuggle in with Nana.

Soon, I asked Nana if I could go and ride on the motorbike so we left.

I liked the motorbike more than I liked the film.

The film was just like I watch on the computer when I sit on Papa’s knee but not in the dark.


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