Malcolm Turnbull has been reading my blogs (at last)

I knew he would see the light. He was clearly running out of good ideas of his own.

I’ve been telling him for long enough,

Politics and statistics: why dragging your party to the far left or right is a bad idea.

The rabid right tries to wag the dog

Flow of preferences in WA needs careful scrutiny

Then, finally and at last, yesterday SMH reported: Turnbull warns party faithful against drift to the right

“Above all, you build from the centre, bringing people together, and that is our commitment.” His call came a week after a Fairfax-Ipsos poll showed the Coalition continues to trail Labor federally in opinion polls, by 55 per cent to 45 per cent.

It’s all about the distribution of voters, as I’ve been telling him.


What this means is that there is relatively little political advantage to be gained by endeavouring to pick up votes at the far ends of the continuum. There just aren’t that many voters out there. Most voters sit in the middle. Some 65% in fact.

When Turnbull first came to power, he had a unique opportunity, with his huge honeymoon popularity, to capture some of the green votes and part of the centre, right-leaning Labor votes.  He could have cemented himself into a position for a Menzies-like period of dominance.

He squandered that opportunity.

Whether he can regain that ground is problematic but he has now identified the problem. He must regain the centre of Australian politics.

For heavens sake. The opposition isn’t all that tough and you really has responsibility to save us from Bill Shorten.


And while your reading Malcolm,  Here are some of the issues that you might need to revisit if you are going to regain that middle ground. You won’t just be able to talk about it. Those people in the middle have got some issues they want addressed.

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We need rational debate on energy supply in South Australia.

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Housing affordability: Another problem Treasurer Scott Morrison doesn’t understand

Time for Malcolm Turnbull to show some leadership on Same-sex marriage

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