Why Prof Brian Cox is more important than Donald Trump.

This week Donald Trump launched 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syria and Prof Brian Cox and his colleagues notably, Professor Chris Lintott, a professor of Astrophysics at Oxford, led a team of citizen scientists that discovered four new planets orbiting a yellow “parent” star in the constellation of Aquarius and is 600-light years away.

The discovery was made using data from NASA’s Kepler space telescope; help came from scientists from the University of California Santa Cruz, Caltech, a Californian space thinktank, and Zooniverse, an online citizen-science project.

Depending on your perspective on the world, you will have a view on which is more important. Certainly, history will have a view on that next week.

One of the amateur astronomers/citizen scientists who was responsible for the discovery was Andrew Grey, a mechanic from Darwin.

“The first night I jumped on I believe it was about until 12:30. I catalogued 1,000 on the first night, so I punched a few out,” he told Stargazing Live after the announcement of the find

The discovery was presented on the ABC’s Stargazing Live which Cox presented with local celebrity Julia Zemiro.


So why is this program so important?

It is important because the program is saying to ordinary people, citizens, people who vote, “This is  science and this is how you do it.”

  1. You take data  (which we can collect for you) and you look for ways in which is different.untitled.jpeg
  2. You then try find ways of explaining how it is different (we can help you with those bits as well).
  3.  You then talk to all the other people been doing the same thing and compare your answers.

The other great thing about the program was that local scientist and TV star Dr Karl Kruszelnicki presented two young science superstars of the future: a teenage boy and 10-year-old girl.

Unfortunately, they have left no cyberspace footprint.

But it is good to know there are young people in training who will make the future secure from idiots like Martin Roberts.



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