A Post-ANZAC reflection on Australian values

Tonight on  the ABC program “You can’t ask that” there were stories of a series of ex-Afghanistan army officers, all of whom were deeply scarred, both emotionally and physically, by their experiences of serving their country for decades on the front line.

And then we are treated to a picture of our Prime Minister, dressed like a military hero, fresh from espousing Australian values and addressing the troops who are fighting the battles that the people who appeared on the ABC program were fighting a decade ago.

And he doesn’t appreciate the irony.

The  people on the ABC program are struggling to adjust to life in Australia after serving their country in Afghanistan where they risked their lives on daily basis.

This woman has a tax funded pension approaching $250,000 a year and, in the opinion of most people in Australia, her most significant achievement was an egregious rorting of the  Federal  Parliamentary entitlements scheme.


One wonders if she ever fired a shot in anger.

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