The Age and the Art of the The Irrelevant

The Age does very nice line in printing articles that are pretty much irrelevant to most of its readers  and certainly to the vast proportion of the population of the of planet. They have a couple of superstars when it comes to writing them: Harold Mitchell and Amanda Vanstone. Mitchell’s effort in today’s paper Wall Street is up 16pc since he arrived; Trump is making America great again told us that Mitchell is on the board of the New York Philharmonic and has dinner with billionaires all of whom are happy with being richer than they were before as a result of the Trump effect.

Amanda did her bit last week with Before you go hating the rich, get your facts straight where she likened criticism of millionaires who pay no tax to Pauline Hanson’s attacks on Muslims.

Pity Hanson isn’t a Muslim-hating, tax avoiding millionaire then Vanstone could have have hit her with a double whammy.

Now that would have been great journalism

Postscript: Time Magazine has a different view off the stock market in the US with gains under Trump at under 6%, less than Kennedy, Bush and Obama


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