We need to keep some perspective about the threat of North Korea

The New York Times reports: So far, all but one of the North’s nine Musudan tests since last year have been failures, with the projectiles exploding in flames during launching or shortly after liftoff.

Kim Jong-un watches for a successful launch

It seems that these guys are actually not very good at it yet.  So the threat may be much less than is being made out, particularly by the President of the United States.

 It’s also worth remembering that they are not a major military power.  A war between North Korea and the US would have tragic consequences. People would die. But the result would be a foregone conclusion.

 will The North Korean economy is in tatters and is highly unlikely that its army would be able to fight for very long. It is also highly unlikely that very many of its 600 aircraft would be airworthy and also seems highly unlikely, based on current performance at least, that any of its ICBMs would be able to take off. It also doesn’t have a navy.

 It is also highly likely that its major ally, China, would whisper quietly in Kim Jong-un’s ear that starting a war against the most powerful military nation on earth was not a very good idea and that they would probably not like to get involved if at all possible.

 This is not to say that two silly fat men won’t get involved in a pissing contest that may have some very bad outcomes.

So we should all hope that good sense prevails and that everybody keeps their fingers off the panic buttons.

One thought on “We need to keep some perspective about the threat of North Korea

  1. Well, may be it is time for both countries to have women in charge. Doesn’t matter thin or fat. May be then world would see much sensibility in power. Yes? 😎

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