Tony Abbott continues to demonstrate that he is out of touch with modern Australia

Tony Abbott has accused political leaders of not doing enough to promote “Australian values” and argued mainstream political leaders had failed to promote the “virtues and benefits” of Western civilisation including “Gospel values” and free speech.


He claims that this is the reason why many people have become disillusioned with the major political parties in Australia.

Many people would claim that it was his actions while Prime Minister that led to significant disillusion with mainstream politics and possibly irrevocable damage to the office of Prime Minister.


 Tony Abbott and some of the defenders of th “virtues and benefits” of Western civilisation

It also led to his party dumping him as Prime Minister and probably to the decline in the fortunes of the Parliamentary Liberal party.

As part of the current and lamentable decline in civilisation as we know it Abbott lists.

  •  Dozens of large corporations supporting  gay marriage
  •  The refusal of major banks to fund the Adani (or any other) coal mine
  • A statement by the newly appointed ABC chairman who thinks that his organisation has no objectivity problem.

All part of a diabolical leftist conspiracy according to Abbott.

He also had a shot at ” state governments promoting gender fluidity programs in schools, or a federal government-approved activist being disrespectful of Anzac Day”.

Just a couple of points of clarification, Tony.

In Victoria, called the “Safe Schools Program.” and it is designed to stamp out bullying.  It’s not designed to promote gender fluidity whatever that might be.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied is not a federal government-approved activist.  


She is a part-time employee of the ABC.  The view she expresses are not the views of the corporation nor are they the views of the government and you are being disingenuous to suggest that either is true.

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