Cory Bernardi finds a new way of getting himself in the news

Cory Bernardi accuses media of ignoring him


 It probably hasn’t occurred to the ex- Liberal Party senator that he may be considered by the media and most of the Australian population as been completely irrelevant and that’s why nobody’s writing stories about him anymore.

 But no they took the bait anyway.

 A Guardian Essential Report has found that Cory Bernardi’s party could win 18% of Coalition voters.  What that will mean in terms of seats in the Senate is difficult to say.

Translating that into votes across all states will require significant infrastructure and party organisation and Pauline Hanson has demonstrated that this can be particularly difficult to do.

 Nonetheless, what Bernardi is demonstrating is that he is tapping into significant dissatisfaction with the performance of the Liberal party and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. It will also be giving Tony Abbott plenty of ammunition.

 In political terms, having him pick up a number of Senate seats is probably not going to make much difference to the balance of power in the Senate. He will have a nuisance value but is hardly likely to start siding with the Greens on policy issues. He may be able to haul the Liberals to the right and prosecute some head far-right issues, if he can form an alliance with Hanson but that will mean tying down a very loose cannon.


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