Corey Bernardi is right, without media coverage, he is dead in the water

Bernardi has complained that the press isn’t giving him the coverage he received when he was a Liberal party senator.

You used to call me: Cory Bernardi accuses media of ignoring him

No doubt he will see this as some kind of conspiracy/payback. But he must be frustrated. When he was a member of the Liberal party, he must have watched in amazement at the coverage that Pauline Hanson got for no reason other than she made an idiot of herself  on every public policy issue.

He must’ve thought, “Someone, well me actually, could articulate the right-wing position far better than this idiot.”  And he is right. So he devised a plan. A cunning plan.

His strategy is clearly to bring together the rather fragmented elements of right wing politics and so far he’s done this by bringing the Family First party under the wing of his Australian Conservative party. It’s a clever move because he picks up members and he picks up party infrastructure something is party lacks. The small fragmented parties get a degree of political nous that they have lacked in the past.

Whether it’s going to be enough to make him a force in Australian politics, remains to be seen.

But his overtures to PHON have been rebuffed so far.  To begin with, he has misestimated the media drawing power of the idiot sensationalism of its leader and how important the media spotlight is to her.

Pauline Hanson is not likely to relinquish her place as the media darling of the idiot right to Corey Bernardi in a merger between the two parties. It is impossible to see the two of them working together.

While Bernardi is partially right in his assessment of the disillusionment of Australian voters with the two major parties, he is probably wrong that his particular articulation of right wing political values is going to tap into that disillusionment, his world view is probably too narrow, too uptight, to Conservative-Catholic to have wide appeal.

Hanson’s appeal, by comparison, has a massive element of the sheer rat-baggery of the Australian battler that Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie has also tapped into, and this is something Bernardi can never emulate.


Corey Bernardi’s problem is he’s not a particularly appealing character. He is not going to be a good populist politician in the way that both Lambie and Hanson are, so he won’t have their media pull.

He is probably going to find the next Senate election a real struggle.

Expect a lot of people to be very disappointed if he is not re-elected.

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