Should fear of appearing in court be an insurable pre-existing condition for failed entrepreneurs, politicians, assorted rogues and villains?

It is a debilitating disease and appears to be associated with significant levels of debt, normally run into hundreds of millions of dollars. Exasperated creditors finally seek repayment through the court system often to be thwarted by the failing health of their debtor.

The Age reports that: Clive Palmer failed to attend court in Brisbane on Tuesday, claiming he was too sick.

Later, clutching a breathing device, a vomit bag and propped up with a pillow, he sat at the back of the court listening to his lawyers explaining why he couldn’t give evidence: he had been taking oxycodone and couldn’t remember his Amex PIN number.

He joins a long list of people struck down by this affliction.

Alan Bond had a particularly nasty attack.  It was also associated with the related illness, complete loss of memory, particularly in relation to financial matters, in Bond’s case misplacing $1.8b of other people’s money.

It didn’t help Bond much and he was convicted of fraud is spent four years in the slammer.

Christopher Skase suffered from the same complaint when he fled to Majorca owing $700m.

His medical condition was complicated by another associated condition: fear of flying.

This particular condition also seems to have affected Clive Palmer’s nephew, Clive Mensink who fled the country because people were ungrateful for the efforts that he had made trying to keep Queensland Nickel afloat, also with other people’s money.

The interesting aspect of this particular complaint is that it only affects return flights to Australia. It has never been known to affect departing flights.

Cardinal George Pell is perhaps the most famous sufferer of this particular complaint.


Along with Tony Mokbel


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