Still sniping – Tony Abbott shows he won’t go away

You’ve got to hand it to Tony Abbott, he never gives up and he never misses a chance.

Tony Abbott says Coalition can’t govern with one eye on the polls

The implied criticism that this budget is a budget of convenience and expediency rather than simply a good budget.  “The former PM said the Senate had made the government produce a “taxing budget” rather than a “savings budget”. He said the Senate had shown, in its implacably hostile reaction to his first budget in 2014, that it did not like savings budgets.”

He is still trying to rewrite history.  In the view of the electorate and most of the Parliament, the Abbott/Hockey budgets were unfair to the vast bulk of Australians, they weren’t  simply “savings budgets” and Tony Abbott is wrong to keep arguing so.


Ironically,  68% of people polled supported the new $6bn budget levy, 61% supported an increase in the Medicare levy to fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and 58% supported borrowing to fund infrastructure, however, both Newspoll and Ipsos have Labor ahead of the government on the two-party preferred measure, 53% to 47%.

With the likelihood of a significant battle in the Senate to pass some of the budget measures, it is likely that the gains that the Coalition has made in the polls will erode.  But one thing is certain, if the Coalition has any chance of retaining government, it will be by moving away from the deeply unpopular financial both positions of the Abbott and Hockey era and trying to capture some of the ground that Labor is so successfully occupied.

And Tony Abbott is certainly not the man to do that.






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