A lesson the Trumpster is taking a while to learn

Nobody told Donald Trump that when he became President he needed to be careful who picked fights with. He thought that when he became the most powerful man in the world  he could do pretty much whatever he liked.


He is finding he’s not even the most powerful man in America and that it’s more a figure of speech. The Office of the President is very powerful but its power is qualified by the power of the judiciary and the legislature but no one really explained that to Donald. He will find out more about this if he gets a hammering in the next mid-term elections.

Donald thought once he became President he could take on the media and win. He may only now be beginning to realise how wrong he was to begin a full-scale war against  the media and how wrong it was to attack newspapers such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time Magazine and The Chicago Tribune and think that they would take it lying down.

The problem is that the media and in particular the television media is there is 24-hour scrutiny so you can’t fart, pick your nose or have your wife refuse to hold your hand without it becoming a global news event if the media decides that it is going to be.

And something else that no one really explained to Donald was that being the most powerful man in the world doesn’t change things at home. But now home life is just a little bit more visible.

And if the media has got it in for you, they are going to pick up on every little incident and turn it into a media sensation.  The humiliation will relentless.

Particularly for a man whose relationships with women have been so fraught and whose ego is so fragile.

Trump complains that media coverage of him is unrelentingly negative. He is pretty much right. And saying sorry for accusing major newspapers with a proud history going back hundreds of years of “fake news” is probably not going to help now.


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