Letter to my WA grandson (iii)

Dear Connor

You and your mum and dad have now departed for Manila after a week in Melbourne and I left feeling that I have really seen nothing of you despite the fact that you have been with us for all that time. It’s a sad fact that you’re growing up without us.  But definitely growing more beautiful.

Connor B and W

You came downstairs in your pyjamas each morning when you heard me in the kitchen.

We just pottered around, you playing with the toys, me trying to convince you to have some breakfast, usually unsuccessfully.

The weather wasn’t too good while you here so we were stuck indoors a lot, but we did have a great game of hide and seek in the towels in the backyard,

threw the ball around

put out some fires

and chased pigeons in the park, with no success whatsoever.

We had a major family celebration for your birthday at a local pub.


I had hoped that you and Winton would spend more time together but he was not particularly well and what with two days at daycare your time together was limited which was disappointing. Nonetheless, you both made the most of this particular day.

There was an interesting little  “blood-is-thicker-than-water” exchange when a girl tried to take the abacus off you.  I suspect that the Haslett boys will always be a formidable combination.


That is not to say that you didn’t have your differences over such things as the ownership of the birthday cake decorations.


cake problems

Mind you everything is normally resolvable by birthday cake.


And now you are gone.


And we are the sadder for it.

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