The tragic improbability of Donald Trump making America great again

As time goes by, it seems it was always impossible dream even for those people who voted for him. For those of the slightly more cynical bent, it was just a sardonic and almost cosmic joke. A grubby TV reality host and property developer who boasted of grabbing women “by the pussy” saying he could make America great again.


No one stopped and asked, “For whom?”. Or even, “Why?”

But now the reality is beginning to sink in. He has no vision about what a great America would be, let alone a plan for achieving it. His decision to abandon the Paris Accord appears to have handed global leadership of the battle against climate change to China and the Chinese leadership is only too happy to take up the back and run.

The Europeans have realised that the moral vacuum created by the Trump presidency has meant that the Europeans will need to face the threat of Russian military aggression on their own and that leadership in Europe and in NATO will probably fall to France and Germany where there appears to be an emphasis on intellectual and moral leadership that is totally absent in America.

Before he was elected, it was widely recognised that Trump would reshape American and possibly global politics. It appears that he is doing this but in the way that may mean that American global leadership will be a thing of the past.

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