It’s a funny old world: Pyne apologises, Abbott continues to run amok.

It seems that Christopher Pyne and Tony live in parallel universes.

Christopher Pyne got into hot water for saying what most of Australia thinks: that it’s time we resolved the issue of marriage equality. He was forced to make a fairly grovelling apology.

Humble Pyne eats his words: Government minister Christopher Pyne has apologised for his ‘‘unhelpful and damaging’’ same-sex marriage speech that ignited a factional firestorm, as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called on his MPs to stop focusing on internal party divisions.

‘‘I’m very sorry that my comments at an event last Friday have caused such a distraction for the government,’’ he said. ‘‘I apologise to anyone they have offended. My remarks were ill chosen and unwise, and I can see how unhelpful and damaging they have been.’’ said the contrite Pyne. 

Yet Tony Abbott continues to run around the countryside issuing six-point plans (a total of 18 words) showing how he would clean up the mess Malcolm Turnbull is making of running the country.

The Age reports “Mr Abbott defended his interventions and foreshadowed a speech he will deliver to the Centre for Independent Studies in which he is expected to call for Australia to embrace nuclear submarines”

 According to Tony, we should all give one of these great big hug.

 Malcolm Turnbull is partly right when he says Australians  are sick and tired of the personality politics emanating from Canberra. It would also be right if he said that Australians are tiring of Tony Abbott.  But Australians are also tiring of him not doing anything about Tony Abbott. It’s time he put Tony back in his bottle and hammered the  cork in.

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