Infectious lunacy spreads through the Federal Liberal Parliamentary Party


After winning the federal election, Prime Minister Tony lost 30 opinion polls in a row. Malcolm Turnbull and party saw that as a reason to replace him. Turnbull was able to  reverse the trend to scrape back into power but then he has lost 14 in a row. Yet he is confidently predicting he is going to be Prime Minister for some time into the future.

Tony Abbott is running around the countryside working up small gatherings of the party faithful into a frenzy over the prospect of him becoming Prime Minister again.

 Abbott and Turnbull: Neither really thank you

 The truth of the matter is that Abbott is a fantastic leader of the opposition either officially or unofficially. He is a great wrecker and he is currently using those talents to destroy his own party.  Unfortunately, Turnbull sitting on a one seat majority in the lower house can’t move against Abbott and the Right still wields significant power  and can constrain him.

Unfortunately again,  neither Abbott nor his backers  realise how unpopular he is in the electorate. His return to the leadership of the Liberal party would be a total electoral disaster. Perhaps the hatred of Turnbull runs so deep that the Right and the Abbott supporters don’t mind losing power for four or maybe eight years to a Shorten led Labor government.

Speaking of lunacy getting hold of everybody.

This as a bit like the program on days after the death of Princess Diana shown on the ABC last night.


The House of Windsor was mired in the deep crisis is popular opinion swung against it and mass hysteria  group to the British Isles with the death of the “People’s Princess.”  Having finally decided to provide her with a state funeral, the people charged with organising it  were gridlocked in an argument about who should walk behind the coffin: her ex-husband who hadn’t been speaking to her since the divorce or her brother who  hadn’t been speaking to her since he had refused to allow her to live in a cottage on his extensive states in the country.

In a nice little touch and in an effort to calm the hysteria of the donor’s death, the BBC was playing  Gods of the Queen every 10 minutes to soothe the nerves of the British public. Marvellous.

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