Malcolm Turnbull is kidding himself on Australia’s expectations on the marriage equality plebiscite

Both Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott keep reiterating the idea that the Coalition went to the last election with a promise of a plebiscite on marriage equality and that that promise needs to be honoured.

Given the litany of broken promises on the part of the Coalition this is a pretty limp excuse to begin with.

Given that roughly 38% of the voting population gave the Coalition their first preference vote in the House of Representatives, just over 60% of voters didn’t vote for the proposition of a plebiscite on marriage equality.

So the bulk of the population don’t expect  or want a plebiscite on that issue.

And that’s exactly the way the Senate, which is a far more accurate reflection of the democratic wishes of the Australian electorate, has been voting.

So it’s disingenuous to suggest that the Australian people expect a plebiscite. The bulk of them don’t. They didn’t expect it at the last election and multiple opinion polls since then  have suggested they still don’t.

So the senior Liberal party politicians should stop this sanctimonious bullshit about keeping promises and what they took to the Australian people at the last election.

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