A Christmas Letter to my WA Grandson (ii)

Dear Connor

Nana Di and I have just returned from Broome having spent five days with you, your mum and dad and your Nanny.

We spend so little time with you, at best two weeks each year and there is so much that grandparents and grandchildren must discover together:

The proper forms and parchments for greetings and, sadly, for farewells.

When we arrived, you rushed to meet us with your specially prepared greeting cards.



And so we rehearsed the many mysteries of Nanas and Papas, some of which we have practiced, some of which were new, some of which we did not have time for.

The numbering of smarties


And books to be read and listened to

The singing of songs, the dancing  of dances, and the rhyming of nurseries

The mixing of potions especially mango smoothies and banana milkshakes.

The secret hiding places of chocolates

The telling of wonders


Incantations to keep big bad wolves at bay

The chants of giants and the singing of dragons

Recipes for wolf stew and fox soup (this makes you very clever)

The various forms of kisses: of Forgiveness, of Healing, of Comfort, of Joy and of Love, specially of Love

The many and varied forms of cuddles

The “Put Me Down Now Wriggle” (one extreme form of which is demonstrated here by your cousin Winton)


Cakes and Cousins and blood being thicker than water

Places to hide and places to seek


The conjugation of verbs, homonyms and apostrophes.

Your place in our family.


And poems, so many poems, we didn’t even start on poems. We have had no Cats and no  Fiddles; no Black Sheep; no Doctor Foster; no Humpty no Dumpy; no Grand Old Duke; no Owl, no Pussycat; no Bad Sir Brian; no Songs of Sixpence and No Waltzing and No Matilda.

But so alas, the five days were gone so quickly, and so much still undone.

I took more than 500 photographs, mostly of you. They are a poor substitute. This one,   of you with your mum. is particularly beautiful.




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