Trump 2018: Shitholes and Stormy Daniels. Can things possibly get worse. Of course they can, and probably will.

Throughout 2017, the daily crassness and obscenity of Donald Trump made many of us wonder: Has he reached the bottom of the cesspool? But he continued to amaze us and probably himself.

He began 2018 by igniting a major diplomatic row by insulting a number of countries whose citizens had migrated to the US by calling their homelands “shitholes”.  He also  alienated a large number of US citizens whose parents had immigrated from these countries. Significantly,  Africans, Mexicans, Haitians or South Americans.  Mind you,  Donald Trump regards himself as the least racist person on earth.

And then there was porn star Stormy Daniels denying that she was paid money to deny that she had been having sex with the president-to-be shortly after he married third wife Melania.


Donald Trump has denied having an affair with an adult film star known as Stormy Daniels.  Photo: AP

If you Google Stormy Daniels, you can get some pictures of her engaged in her particular professional activities. As this is a family blog, I cannot reproduce them here, so this will have to do


Stormy Daniels. Photo: AP

Did I here’s someone mentioned Dignity of the Office?

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