Trump, the great negotiator, cannot negotiate with his own party, the Republican Party, to keep government running.

President Trump and the Republicans hold majorities in both Congress and in the Senate yet he cannot negotiate with his own party to pass a bill to keep government running. He blames the Democrats, who do not have a majority in either house for the failure to pass a bill to guarantee supply.

What a joke.

Trump, who in July 2016 said: “Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it,” has asserted that past government shutdowns were the fault of the person in the White House.

In a Fox & Friends interview after a 2013 shutdown, he said then-President Barack Obama was ultimately responsible.

“The problems start from the top and have to get solved from the top,” Trump said. “The president is the leader, and he’s got to get everybody in a room and he’s got to lead.”

I have a saying which I  often repeat to myself and I get slightly pissed off with what I perceived to be the incompetence of other people: “The right to criticise comes with the right to do better.”

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