Matthew Guy to sack local Councils and install ones he likes.

In an editorial strongly critical of Matthew Guy’s position on teaching Australian values And on sacking local councils that refused to all citizens should ceremonies on Australia Day, The Age  wrote  His vow to sack any council that votes to move citizenship ceremonies from Australia Day is contrary to the respect for democratic government the Coalition wishes to enshrine in our state schools’ curriculum.


Residents and ratepayers are free to sack councils in the usual fashion, by voting them out at elections. There is no indication that the councils of Yarra, Darebin or Moreland have behaved contrary to the wishes of their resident populations, if voting trends are any indication. Dismissing an entire council for voting on a policy contrary to the state government’s position would be a costly exercise in forcing ideological consistency.

It also went on to add that the Victorian schools’ curriculum was a national curriculum that had been agreed by the Federal government and all State governments. It has been in place for a year now and Matthew Guy and his shadow Minister of Education, Tim Smith, are about to undo all the work an negotiation that went into putting it into place.

Introducing another new curricula is probably not a good idea. Changing curricula is a long and difficult task and highly disruptive to the children’s indication.  Victorian parents and Victorian schoolteachers are not going to thank Matthew Guy for all the disruption that a second curriculum change in two years is going to cause.

Sacking democratically elected local councils and appointing ones of your own liking is also likely to be very messy. There is nothing to suggest that the people of Yarra, my local council, are unhappy with the stance that the Council has taken.

Matthew Guy assumed to be searching frantically for an issue that he can run on for the next election. He tried law and order but the polls seem to indicate that Victorians are happy with the way Daniel Andrews is dealing with that issue. So he tried running with “Australian values”. Seems she got a bit of a biffing over that as well.  So now he’s running with Australia Day. He’s got another 12 hours to go on that one.

So. What’s next Matthew?

Selling hot cross buns  too early?  That one’s got a bit of time to run.  And it’s tailor-made for a serious politician like Matthew Guy.


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