Congratulations Alex Ellinghausen – Press Gallery Journalist of the Year

Fairfax Media’s Alex Ellinghausen has been named Press Gallery Journalist of the Year – the first time a photographer has won Australia’s most prestigious award for political journalism.

“His work goes to the psychology and mood of the people in his images – both those who tread the political stage and others beyond the nation’s capital.” said the judges.

Here is today’s photograph from The Age of ex-Foreign minister, Julie Bishop.

A picture is worth a thousand words:  the exit, the empty chair, the designer clothes,  the enigmatic gaze. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

One part of Ellinghausen’s work that was particularly impressive was the way he captured the relationship between Peta Credlin and Tony Abbott.

As well as the rather often more fractious relationship between Krugman and Abbott’s ministers.

He has also captured many memorable moments in the Parliament.

As well as some of its endearing and less than endearing characters.


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