World Anti-Doping Agency doesn’t understand the entrenched nature of drug cheating in Russian athletics.

We will never know the true extent of Russian drug doping in athletics there is no doubt that many clean competitors lost out to drug cheats. The sad thing is that given the involvement of Russian government in doping athletes, many of these may not have had a choice.

Mariya Savinova-Farnosova (right) and bronze medalist Ekaterina Poistogova, Olga Kaniskina, Anna Chicherova, Nadzeya Ostapchuk, Tatyana Chernova,, Alexander Krushelnitsky, Nadezhda Sergeeva (right) and Anastasia Kocherzhova, Sergey Kirdyapkin and Alexander Krushelnitksy to name but a few

The Age reports:: The World Anti-Doping Agency’s credibility lay in tatters on Thursday night as its decision to remove drug-cheat sanctions against Russia was branded the “greatest treachery against clean athletes in Olympic history”.

Nine of 12 WADA executives voted Moscow back into the sporting fold after ignoring a tidal wave of global criticism that the nation has yet to atone for its state-sponsored drugs scandal.

Apparently, the Russians have been readmitted on the basis that they will make their lab test results available to WADA.

The entrenched connection between RUSADA (the Russian drug testing agency) and Russian security forces and the government has been made clear.

Rusada was deemed non-compliant in November 2015. Richard McLaren, a Canadian law professor, published a report revealing that Russian anti-doping officials helped athletes take performance-enhancing drugs over several years and that government and security officials assisted in the cover-up of failed tests. (The AGE)

Does WADA seriously believe that the results they will be allowed to see will be genuine ones?

If they do the organisation and WADA’s president, Sir Craig Reedie, are exceptionally naïve.


WADA president Craig Reedie is under fire. Photo: AP

 The solution is actually quite simple.

If the Russians want to come back to international athletics, then they must let some independent body do the drug testing of Russian athletes.


Post Script WADA’s anti-doping fight has been sacrificed on the altar of politics

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