Michelle Guthrie’s sacking shows political interference in the ABC of the highest and worst order.

As details of Michelle Guthrie’s sacking become clearer, two things become obvious. Firstly, that she was probably a very bad appointment and not very good at her job when she was there.

Secondly, her sacking was clearly at the behest of the then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and relayed to ABC chairman Justin Milne.

Turnbull’s intervention appears to be motivated by a article that Alberici wrote that was critical of the government’s industry and technology policy.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of Guthrie’s appointment and sacking, Turnbull’s intervention demonstrates a complete contempt for the independence of the ABC not only on his part but on the part of the government. It also shows a government that is not prepared to tolerate critical analysis of its policies  by journalists employed by the national broadcaster.

Many people would see this as an attempt to intimidate journalists particularly those employed at  the ABC and certainly an attempt to stifle criticism of the ruling party.

Turnbull has been a journalist himself and he should know better.


How far this man has fallen from grace!

He came to the party leadership supported by many Australians who believed that his attitudes on a wide range of social and economic issues would lead to more tolerant government than that run by his predecessor, Tony Abbott.

He departed his position deposed by the very right wing forces for whom he had become a mouthpiece.

And now

Justin Milne faces mounting pressure to resign after it was revealed he told former managing director Michelle Guthrie to “get rid of” a reporter.



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