What will be the title of Melania Trump’s memoirs

A recent headline about America’s First Lady headlined  Melania Trump ignores cheating rumors about husband.

This is clearly her version of “If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, has the tree really fallen?”

Stormy, Melania and Karen 

Clearly she’s a woman of some imagination.

So I began to think “What would happen if she and the President divorced after he leaves office?”

Would she write her memoirs and what would they be called?

A book by Melania Trump about her life with Donald would be a publishing goldmine.

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1 thought on “What will be the title of Melania Trump’s memoirs

  1. She has been prepared to put up with a lot. It has been written that she insisted that her children get the same benefits of being Donald’s children as the children from his earlier marriages.

    I wonder… does that mean she won’t conside initiating a divorce until after Barron turns 18, or until after he finishes College?

    She looked so uncharacteristically happy on Biden’s inauguration day I thought maybe Donald had called up one of those body doubles he is rumored to employ – at least until he invited her to speak. Her voice would be too hard for a double to fake

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