The Maple Tree Restaurant Lorne

We visited the Maple Tree some years back and I wasn’t overly impressed. This time round it is greatly improved. For my starter I had the Smoked salmon terrine, whiskey butter, beetroot chutney, savory granola which was half a dozen chunks of jelly like salmon was the most amazing garnish. ($18) for my main I had a medium plate: Seafood linguini, mussels, fish, scallops, white wine, garlic ($32) which was excellent. DI had a main: Blue eye cod fillet, celeriac puree, sweet onion, radicchio, sauce vierge which at $39 was better value than my medium plate. The outstanding aspect of this plate was the cure and the source that shifted the blue cod to marvellous. The steamed vegetables were also outstanding. And they had Alhambra, one of my favourite beers. In contrast to last night, the Grappa was exceptional. From Masi and it made from Amazon grapes. The night before last, I got my grappa in the shot glass, last night I got it in a Baileys Irish cream glass with a little handle on the side. Restaurants really do need to begin to treat good grappa with the respect it deserves.

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