Donald Trump – the “Bottomless Pinocchio”

The Washington Post has an award for politicians who tell Porky’s called the Pinocchio award. Most politicians stop when they are caught out. Not Donald Trump. So the Post has a new award called the Bottomless Pinocchio. This is for a politician who repeats a lie 20 times.


The Age reports that ” In fact, 14 statements made by the President immediately qualify for the list.


The President’s most-repeated falsehoods fall into a handful of broad categories – claiming credit for promises he has not fulfilled; false assertions that provide a rationale for his agenda; and political weaponry against perceived enemies such as Democrats or Special Counsel Robert Mueller ”

Some of Trump’s regular deceptions date from the start of his administration:

  • that the United States pays for most of the cost of NATO (87 times).
  • that the United States pays for most of the cost of NATO (87 times)


  • that Democrats colluded with Russia during the election (48 times)
  • that 30 separate occasions, Trump has also falsely accused Mueller of having conflicts of interest and the staff led by the long-time Republican of being “angry Democrats”
  • that the US economy: it was the greatest, the best or the strongest in US history. (99 times) the economy today is not doing as well as it did under presidents Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton – not to mention Ulysses Grant.
  • Trump has 40 times asserted that a wall was needed to stem the flow of drugs across the border – a claim that is contradicted the by the Drug Enforcement Administration, which says most illicit drugs come through legal points of entry.

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