Is the Federal National Party just made up of incorrigible pantsmen and political incompetents?


Their leader and one the latest to be caught out seem to be blessed with an immaculate sense of timing.


Nationals leader Michael McCormack seems to have known about Nationals MP Andrew Broad’s indiscretions for some six weeks but chose the day of the budget update to brief the press about them, completely overshadowing Josh Frydenberg’s and Mathias Cormann’s day in the sun.

The Coalition had chosen this particular day to endeavour to overshadow the Labor Party conference. All this planning and skulduggery came to nothing because Andrew Broad had been in Hong Kong this year endeavouring to portray himself as a cross between James Bond, Biggles and Deadwood Dick to “Sweet Sophia Rose” who he hooked up with in a Hong Kong bar.

There was some, if not much, good news in the budget update, so Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Minister for Finance Mathias Cormann must have been hoping to make some headway against the Labor Party.

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 7.29.45 pm.png

They would have been apoplectic with rage that the careful planning of the budget statement had been completely overwhelmed by the ineptitude of the leader of the Nationals and a repeat of the disastrous behaviour of the ex-Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce.

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