Queensland MP George Christensen outs himself as the MP under investigation by the AFP for travelling to and transferring large sums of money to Asia

The Guardian reports: Christensen’s statement, posted to Facebook on Saturday morning, came in response to media reports in recent days about blackmail concerns over an unnamed federal MP visiting seedy neighbourhoods overseas known for drugs and prostitution.


He said he had travelled to the Philippines to visit his fiancee and her family several times since 2017 and had sent her money, while also helping to raise funds for a charity providing disabled children with wheelchairs. (9News)

Now you have to ask why George did this. Before he went public, no one knew about the referral to the AFP, let alone that it was about George. So if hed kept his mouth shut, the whole thing would’ve gone away.

We can only assume that he thought that by going public he would have tapped into the deep well of sympathy that the public holds for George Christensen .

What he doesn’t realise is that south of the Queensland border, the public views Queensland politicians through the wrong end of the political telescope and that deep well of sympathy and regard is very very shallow.

So without being unkind, given the recent shenanigans of his colleagues,

stories about wheelchairs for disabled children living in red light districts likely to be viewed through the wrong end of the political telescope.


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