Scott Morrison claims Australia is on track to meet its Paris Agreement emission targets. So how does he explain this graph?

It is part of the government mantra that Australia is on track to meet the hopelessly inadequate targets of the Paris agreement.

Morrison is it pains to point this out at every opportunity as it repeating it is going to make it true.

Last week, the Minister for Trade Simon Birmingham was rejecting attempts by the European Union to include meeting Paris climate agreement targets as part of any trade agreement. His argument was that this was unnecessary because Australia was on track to meet it’s targets.

Unfortunately, both Morrison and Birmingham’s position is contradicted by the the government own Department of Environment and Energy.

The Department of Environment and Energy projections released in December show Australia is not on track to meet its current target. 

This is a quote from a recent report from the Department

“The 2018 projections show Australia continues to make good progress to its emissions reduction targets. Australia will surpass its 2020 target and the task to meet the 2030 target has declined.

The Government disagrees, insisting it is on track to meet the Paris target “in a canter”. It would be interesting to know where the government is getting the data the bases these ridiculous claims on.

The Climate Council also believes that Australia is not on track to meet its Paris climate targets.

The tragic aspect of this debate is that ignores the fact that the Paris agreement targets were woefully inadequate to meet the problem as it existed then, let alone the ever deepening crisis that exists now.

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