Just turn the graphs upside down, Angus. That will solve the emissions problem.

All this talk about emissions credits has confused the issue. Now imminent economist Ross Garnaut has warned that this misses the point. Nonetheless it’s a complicated argument and a spurious one.

Using Kyoto credits to meet Paris agreement ‘misses the point’: Garnaut

So if we are going to prove that Australia is going to meet its emissions targets, it’s actually much more simple to turn the emissions graphs upside down.

This is the real graph of what Australia’s omissions are doing on the right with the upside down graph next to it on the left.

Simple really.

The only problem is, that like the argument for using rollover credits, it bears no relation to the actual level of CO2 in the atmosphere and avoids the argument about tackling the problem of carbon emissions and climate change.

And the difficulty with this kind of discussion and argument is that it further removes any pressure on the climate deniers to address the serious issues that are currently consuming the bushland of Australia.

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