Australia needs a 24/7 aerial water bombing capability

The Royal Australian Air Force has operated forty-eight Lockheed C-130 Hercules transport aircraft. Apparently they can be converted reasonably easily to aerial water bombers

No one seems to have pointed out that it is futile that firefighters with hoses are trying to stop the cataclysmic fires that are sweeping through Northern New South Wales and Queensland.

Firefighters are dying, civilians are dying and houses are being lost and bushfire season starting. We are getting a taste of what is to come this summer and we are losing the battle.

What is actually needed is for these types of aircraft to be flying non-stop missions over the bushfire areas dropping water on the fires.

We should also be asking the American air force, which has the largest fleet of these aircraft in the world, if they are prepared to lend us some to help with the bushfires. 

The federal government should also be prepared to provide subsidies to state governments to provide the infrastructure to ship water to the air fields to support the firebombing effort.

We need this more than this to Morrison telling us how sorry he is that he might of given offence to people for going on holiday.

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