Barnaby Joyce explains the LNP third policy option on climate change: God

In case the electorate was on any doubt about LNP policy on climate change, Barnaby Joyce has made it quite clear what we should be doing about climate change.

THE AGE He  has suggested Australians are “fools” who will “get nailed” unless they respect God’s plan for climate change.

Joyce was a leading campaigner against the former Labor government’s attempts to price carbon as a way to bring down Australia’s emissions, claiming doing so would send the cost of a Sunday roast to $100.

Joyce insisted the solution was to respect God, rather than impose a tax to limit emissions.

The member for New England at prayer on carbon missions

So here is Policy Position 1 (I call this No 1 because we suspect this has been the case all along)

“We’ve got to acknowledge is there’s a higher authority that’s beyond our comprehension – right up there in the sky – and unless we understand that it’s got to be respected, then we’re just fools, we’re going to get nailed.”

Policy Position 2

Nationals Leader, Michael McCormack, has said Australia must “absolutely” take more action on climate change.

which was immediately contradicted by

Policy Position 3

Prime Minister Mr Morrison who, on his return from his holiday in Hawaii. said Australia was doing enough on climate change

Last week, the head of the International Energy Agency said Australia’s climate commitments were amongst the worst the world.

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