Scott Morrison regards hazard reduction as more important than emissions control

“Hazard reduction is as important as emissions reduction,” the prime minister told Sky News on Tuesday.

Mr Morrison flagged clear national standards for meeting hazard reduction targets, along with a review of land-clearing laws, native vegetation rules and allowing grazing in national parks.

Cattle grazing in National Parks in Queensland

SMH: Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall is renewing calls for grazing to be permitted in national parks to help manage fuel loads.

It is probably no coincidence that one of Mr Morrison’s ideas for hazard reduction also happens to a major plank of National party policy

Any hopes we might have and that there will be action on emissions control are being subjected to a death by 1000 cuts.

Morrison is shifting the debate away from emissions control the hazard reduction as if they are one and the same thing.

They are not and to link them together is pure sophistry.

Hazard reduction may be an important technique for the control of bushfires. But it is a relatively small issue in the greater scheme of global warming where CO2 emissions are the reason for the degradation of our ozone layer and for global warming.

This is a typical “Scotty from Marketing” trick. It involves changing the assumptions of an argument on a completely illogical basis and then arguing in every forum where it is possible such as ABC interviews on 730.

“We report all the time on what our emissions reductions are, but across the country there is not a national system of reporting to track how hazard reduction is progressing,” he said.

The difficulty is that there is probably no one left to conduct this kind of research particularly in Australia’s major scientific organisation the CSIRO which has had its staffing cut as result of Draconian budget cuts instituted by the Abbott government

The Guardian: In 2014, the Abbott Government’s $110 million science funding cut preceded a loss of 1400 staff across CSIRO. The losses bit particularly hard in regional areas.

The Guardian: In 2016, Up to 350 positions at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation will be made redundant,

It is anticipated that there will be further staff cuts as the CSIRO moves towards a new business model of a more commercial and digital technology focus under the leadership of Chief executive of the national science agency, Larry Marshall who was a silicon valley entreprener before his appointment.

These cuts have threatened Scientific research between the Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO and the university sector

Exactly the people that Scott Morrison will need to rely on for advice on a national system for reporting and tracking hazard reduction

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