Continued resistance from the Roman Catholic Church to providing justice and compensation to the victims of paedophile priests

The ABC reports In an open letter, delivered on the eve of a WA trial, the Christian Brothers have admitted several brothers sexually abused child migrant John Thomas Lawrence for years from the age of nine in two Perth boys’ homes.

Many instances of abuse against Mr Lawrence have been admitted to by the Christian Brothers. Photo ABC News

But a lawyer for the organisation has argued he deserves a lower compensation payout than what his lawyers have sought because his poor upbringing meant he had a low earning capacity, regardless of the abuse.

This is what the Christian Brothers have admitted:

  • Six rapes by now deceased brother Lawrence Murphy
  • Brother Francis Marques, who is also dead, molested Mr Lawrence while they watched movies.
  • Brother, Alonzo Angus, fondled his genitals.
  • A lay teacher, Joey Jackson, who has also since died, made Mr Lawrence wear lipstick and a dress while he abused him.

Establishing the amount of compensation for the victims of paedophile priests must be a complex matter and one method is to establish lost earnings.

But this method assumes that the victim was able to fulfil their potential in later life. The sad stories presented at the Royal Commission would indicate that very few of the children molested by paedophile priests ever had a very good life or a good career. That is if they didn’t commit suicide.

Many seem to have had lives of drug and alcohol addiction, almost certainly as result of the horrendous experiences during childhood.

And now the Christian Brothers are arguing that John Lawrence  didn’t amount to much and shouldn’t be given too much compensation.

It’s absolutely disgraceful and I’m sure many right-thinking Catholics will be appalled at this shockingly insensitive behaviour.

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