Morrison plans “Welfare shake-up” to cover bushfire costs and to save the surplus

The adjustments to the way welfare recipients can claim benefits is designed to save the budget $2b over four years.

The Australian: The savings move comes as the government’s surplus faces pressure from the impact of the summer bushfire crisis, which has caused extensive property damage, hit the tourism industry and jeopardised the future of small businesses that have lost much of their Christmas trade.

What a sad commentary it is that the efforts to shore up the government’s budget credibility are being made at the expense of least financially advantaged in our community.

This at a time when Bridget McKenzie’s rorting of the grant system is making news every day as well as her extravagant use of taxpayer funds for travel allowances totalled at least $73,905 in 2018.

SMH reports

In 2018 up to December 13, she spent 217 nights in hotels.

Travel bills for Senator McKenzie and her staff were $652,697

Perhaps it’s time that the Prime Minister decided that some small but symbolic savings in these extravagant expenses would have great symbolic value in reducing the in the deficit.

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