All Blacks defeat Argentina 38-0. The inexperienced Los Pumas were completely outclassed.

The stats tell the story. Los Pumas made 150 tackles, the All Blacks just 50. The All Blacks carried the ball 612 metres, their opponents just 142.

If anything, the final score did not reflect the All Blacks dominance. The back line was unable to take advantage of the manner in which All Black scrum destroyed the Argentinians and a number of All Black tries wound up being near misses.

However, the Argentinians had made number of changes to their team and lost some of their fluency as a result. They have also played three test matches in three weeks and must pay the Australians next week. It will be a tough call.

They also had the misfortune to play All Black team that appears to be returning to form.

And Dane Coles, playing in his other position on the wing, behaved himself.

A sight every All Black fan loves. Photo: PhotoSport / Clay Cros

The All Blacks are now all but assured of winning the Tri-Nations.

The Guardian weighs up the odds: To snatch the trophy, the Wallabies will have to beat the Pumas by 101 points in Sydney, Alternatively, the Pumas must defeat the Wallabies by 93 points after conceding four second-half tries on Saturday night.

When Richie McCaw was playing, it seemed that, to defeat the All Blacks a team needed to play at their very best and the All Blacks needed to play pretty badly.

Perhaps those days are returning.

On Thanksgiving, what will the Thanksgiving travellers and their hosts be giving thanks for?

The Washington Post reports: The busiest air travel day of the coronavirus pandemic came on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, with 1,070,967 passengers clearing airport security.

Travelers pack a United Airlines check-in area ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday at Newark International Airport in Newark, New Jersey, U.S., November 25, 2020. REUTERS/Mike Segar

In the past week, covid-related hospitalizations in the United States rose by more than 12 percent, according to data tracked by The Washington Post.

US Covid Deaths

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a health warning against Thanksgiving travel last week: “Travel may increase your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19. Postponing travel and staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others this year.” Health experts such as Anthony S. Fauci have also reminded Americans about the risks of indoor gatherings and household mixing, and discouraged travel.

It is a sad fact that, in the US family gatherings will be a source of infection in the winter months. Widespread travel can only add to the infection rate.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20

The original quote is attributed to Jesus, but today it can equally and ironically be attributed to Covid-19.

All the more so because of the recent Supreme Court ruling.

Washington Post reports: Justice Amy Coney Barrett playing a key role in reversing….New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s restrictions on houses of worship in temporary hot spots where the coronavirus is raging. Especially in “red zones,” such as Brooklyn, where the virus risk is highest, worship services are capped at 10 people.

Pandemic-related restrictions on worship services have long been the target of the conservatives. They were previously outvoted when Ginsburg was alive but this is no longer the case with Trump-appointed Amy Coney Barrett on the bench.

Essentially, there are two points of view:

The first is the right to freedom of worship under the First Amendment

This court should not permit such remarkable scapegoating of a religious minority to stand,” said the the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and Jewish organizations led by Agudath Israel who led the appeal and who have congregations in Brooklyn.

The second is the need for governments to ensure public health in times of pandemic.

“Justices of this court play a deadly game in second guessing the expert judgment of health officials about the environments in which a contagious virus, now infecting a million Americans each week, spreads most easily.”

Now, these two groups, who have congregations in a highly infected red zone area in New York City, have secured for themselves the right to have religious services with unrestricted numbers.

Large numbers of people, packed together, possibly wearing or not wearing masks, meeting, greeting, hugging and generally rejoicing in the Lord.

If you wanted to write a recipe for disaster, this would be getting as close as you could to a perfect one.

New cases in New York are growing at an exponential rate. They will grow fastest in the areas with infection rates are highest and where people congregate in large groups.

New Cases in New York City

This will be exacerbated if so not observe any of the standard rules for containing the virus.

Some people may even be deluded into thinking that God will protect them while they are worshipping in His house.

The Allprofound tragedy is that it is impossible to explain the science to such people

Is it time to relax mask restrictions, Dan? We have had 22 doughnut days!

There is only a single active case of COVID-19 left in Victoria, as the state recorded its 22nd straight day of no new coronavirus cases or deaths on Sunday.

The second wave has subsided

At what point does the Andrews government decided that the virus no longer constitutes a threat to the community?

Just who are we protecting each other from by wearing masks?

The challenge now for both State and Federal governments is to manage the return of Australian citizens from countries where the virus is rampant: European countries, Americas and India.

Peter Dutton and the border security boys need to step up and make a tangible contribution.

The Australian taxpayer carries a $1.2b bill for Robodebt but will anyone in the Morrison government be held to account?

Not if past performance is any indication of future performance.

The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has argued that Stuart Robert who was responsible for this monumental stuff up, ” as being the one who has been the one making it right” and so should be let off without any accountability, and besides he’s been getting income support formal those people during the pandemic so he has been very busy.

So that’s okay, nothing to see here.

Does Scott Morrison think we are all idiots. This is the worst form of political sophistry equalling that we saw during the Sports Rort affair.

The Federal government has been dragged kicking and screaming into court and forced to make a $1.2b payment on the court steps the day the case was due to start.

That doesn’t qualify as Stuart Robert “making right”.

It is a demonstration of the fact that the Morrison government did not accept responsibility, did not think it had got it wrong and was not prepared to make recompense.

Clearly, faced with the possibility of going to court and with clear knowledge of a hefty loss, wiser heads prevailed.

Robert was the responsible minister at the time and he should be brought to account.

Yet the ABC reports the Federal Government is refusing to apologise to people caught up in its controversial Robodebt scheme, despite conceding hundreds of millions of dollars in debt were racked up unlawfully.

This was an egregious assault on the most vulnerable of our citizens and the Morrison government should hang its head in shame.

Bill Shorten and all those who pursued this matter are to be congratulated.

With US Coronavirus shattering daily records, the man who constantly undermined Fauci, now refuses to leave and let anyone else fix the problem.

Trump’s press conference today was a continuing and pathetic litany of lies about the wonderful work his administration has done in developing a vaccine (in conjunction with the military) for the virus.

It was also a failure to accept any reality beyond the bubble in which Donald is living. The virus numbers are coming down, the vaccine will be ready very soon, Operation Warp Speed has produced results five times faster than anything else in history.

The AGE reports The coronavirus is blamed for 10.6 million confirmed infections and almost a quarter of a million deaths in the US, with the closely watched University of Washington model projecting nearly 439,000 dead by March 1. Deaths have climbed to about 1000 a day on average.

New cases per day are soaring, shattering records over and over and reaching an all-time high on Thursday of more than 153,000.

With the coronavirus coming back with a vengeance, the is US facing a long, dark winter.

Many State governors also continue to resist the simplest and most effective of all measures to combat the virus: wearing a mask.

One of the main reasons: lack of support from Washington hampered by the way efforts to tame the virus have become ferociously politicised.

Many governors fear that lockdowns will stall their economy. The irony is that, as the coronavirus rages out-of-control, the population stays at home and does not spend money in bars, restaurants, gyms and small retailers who suffer the same effects as we would in a lockdown.

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Some governors are relying on the local counties to enforce mask wearing and lockdown restrictions in bars and restaurants. But local authorities argue that there is no point in doing it if the authorities in the next county are not imposing similar restrictions.

It seems the consensus needs to start at the top, the middle and the bottom simultaneously.

And in the Disunited States of America this is never going to be possible.

Temporary visa holder fails to meet work requirements while dying of cancer. Family to be deported. Is this the best Australia can do?

ABC News Raj Udawatta migrated to Australia from Sri Lanka on a temporary work visa.

His wife Florence Udawatta moved to Kempsey in 2016 to join him In Kempsey, NSW.

He was the primary visa holder for the family and soon became well-liked in the community. As a mechanic, he often helped fix people’s cars on weekends and after hours at no extra cost.

 17-year-old son, Ruvish, is a youth group leader and has just been elected vice-captain of his school.

His goal is to study medicine and work as a doctor in a regional area.

Hirushi, his older sister, is training to become a chef.

Their siblings, eight-year-old Jeniffer and seven-year-old Duane pray every morning before jumping on the school bus with beaming smiles.

Family friend and church pastor Moira Hodgekiss said the Udawattas were an immigration “success” story.

But the past few years have not been easy.

Raj Udawatta was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2018 and became so ill he could no longer work — a key requirement of his temporary skilled visa.

Fearing deportation, Florence Udawatta applied for protection visas. 

She had not heard back from the Department of Immigration when the family celebrated her husband’s 50th birthday in September.

A day later, he died.

Less than a month later, the department notified Ms Udawatta that her protection visa applications had been rejected. 

It gave her one month to appeal the decision or leave the country.

Florence Udawatta is hoping that Acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge will intervene.

Immigration Minister Alan Tudge is adopting a hands-off approach

In a statement, Mr Tudge expressed his “deepest sympathies” to the Udawatta family. 

He said there were “mechanisms” within the Migration Act to “deal with compassionate and compelling cases”, but he added it would not be appropriate to comment further at this stage.

But then Alan Tudge has got a lot on his mind the moment.