With US Coronavirus shattering daily records, the man who constantly undermined Fauci, now refuses to leave and let anyone else fix the problem.

Trump’s press conference today was a continuing and pathetic litany of lies about the wonderful work his administration has done in developing a vaccine (in conjunction with the military) for the virus.

It was also a failure to accept any reality beyond the bubble in which Donald is living. The virus numbers are coming down, the vaccine will be ready very soon, Operation Warp Speed has produced results five times faster than anything else in history.

The AGE reports The coronavirus is blamed for 10.6 million confirmed infections and almost a quarter of a million deaths in the US, with the closely watched University of Washington model projecting nearly 439,000 dead by March 1. Deaths have climbed to about 1000 a day on average.

New cases per day are soaring, shattering records over and over and reaching an all-time high on Thursday of more than 153,000.

With the coronavirus coming back with a vengeance, the is US facing a long, dark winter.

Many State governors also continue to resist the simplest and most effective of all measures to combat the virus: wearing a mask.

One of the main reasons: lack of support from Washington hampered by the way efforts to tame the virus have become ferociously politicised.

Many governors fear that lockdowns will stall their economy. The irony is that, as the coronavirus rages out-of-control, the population stays at home and does not spend money in bars, restaurants, gyms and small retailers who suffer the same effects as we would in a lockdown.

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Some governors are relying on the local counties to enforce mask wearing and lockdown restrictions in bars and restaurants. But local authorities argue that there is no point in doing it if the authorities in the next county are not imposing similar restrictions.

It seems the consensus needs to start at the top, the middle and the bottom simultaneously.

And in the Disunited States of America this is never going to be possible.

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