Every federal politician who supports mandatory detention should watch Mostafa Azimitabar’s ABC interview

This is his One plus One interview with Kurt Fearnley

He tells a story of new years imprisonment without bitterness or recrimination. But the interview is a damning indictment of Australia’s policy of mandatory detention, made all the more poignant by Azimitabar’s account of his appallingly inhumane treatment

Kurdish refugee Mostafa Azimitabar fled Iran in 2013, attempting to come to Australia by boat. Almost eight years later he was released into the community, after a journey that took him to Christmas Island, Manus Island, Port Moresby and two inner city Melbourne hotels

While Moz is celebrating his freedom,14 asylum seekers remain in Park Hotel and many others are detained in immigration centres in Brisbane, NSW, Western Australia and Victoria.

On his second day of freedom in this country, at the start of the Australia Day weekend, Mostafa Azimitabar went to a Jimmy Barnes concert: “The most Aussie experience I could ever imagine.”

A message demonstrating the compassionate nature of the Australian government’s response to the plight of refugees, The home affairs minister, Peter Dutton said: “it’s cheaper for people to be in the community than it is to be at a hotel or for us to be paying for them to be in detention”.

Azimitabar said “I believe the power of the people can crumble the walls of oppression and my freedom … is proof. I’ve seen the pain of my brothers in detention, I’ve listened to their sad stories. If they weren’t in danger in their homeland, they wouldn’t have fled and left everything behind.”

In the interview, Azimitabar said he had been brought under the Medivac legislation. Despite suffering from asthma, he had received no medical treatment whatsoever while in detention in Australia.

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